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Digital Twins: The New Frontier In Cybersecurity

The digitally duplicated environment is hardly a new concept. In fact, it was first applied in the manufacturing industry over 20 years ago before being popularized by John Vickers, NASA’s Principal Technologist, who coined the term “digital twin” in 2010. However, the idea of using a digital twin as a means of studying a physical object dates […]

20 Reasons Tech Leaders Fail At Communication (And How To Improve)

Effective communication with stakeholders—whether they’re members of the leadership team, colleagues, direct reports or customers—is the key to any professional’s success. However, some tech leaders may struggle with being comprehensive and clear, which can create misunderstandings and hinder collaboration. “One common pitfall is failing to consider the audience. Tailor your communication style and language to […]

The Critical Need For Auditing Third-Party Access To Organizational Platforms

The security of any organization’s data and systems can often be compromised by seemingly benign entities—third-party contractors, vendors and outsourced service partners. While these external entities require access to sensitive systems and data to fulfill their roles, improper management of these access rights often leads to data breaches and other security incidents. A February 2024 […]

Planning A Merger Or Acquisition? Ask These Five Cyber Questions First

The upward trajectory of merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in 2024 is already unmistakable. Bolstered by a backdrop of stabilized interest rates and decelerating inflation, coupled with pent-up demand over the last couple of years, the conditions are ripe for strategic transactions. According to findings from the latest EY CEO Outlook Pulse Survey, 98% of CEOs […]

15 Expert Tips For Companies Embracing Digital Hiring Tools

For more and more companies and professionals, filling or landing a job is primarily a digital process. There are many online job sites, and organizations often opt to maintain an updated list of job openings on their websites. And as more businesses embrace remote and global workforces, in-person résumé submissions and interviews are increasingly a […]

How To Survive The First 100 Days As A New CISO

The chief information security officer (CISO) role has dramatically transformed. In the face of ever-growing cyber threats, CISOs have transitioned from solely technical defenders to strategic business leaders. Beyond safeguarding against cyberattacks, they now play a critical role in managing and mitigating inherent business risks, ultimately contributing directly to business value. Today’s CISOs have expanded […]