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What is the Gathid Identity Graph?

Gathid provides the tools and insights necessary for a robust, dynamic identity governance culture—enabling you to see your identities like never before.

Identity And Access Strategies To Mitigate Ransomware Risks

There was a dramatic surge in ransomware incidents in 2023. In fact, ransomware payments in 2023 surpassed the $1 billion mark, the highest number ever recorded. This alarming trend looks set to continue in 2024, underscoring the critical necessity for businesses to elevate their cybersecurity strategies. These complex and costly attacks reveal that reactive security […]

Transforming Compliance: From Obligation To Opportunity

In today’s rapidly evolving cyber environment, “compliance theater”—going through the compliance motions without actually achieving the intended goal of reduced risk and adherence to regulations—is simply not an option. Superficial or perfunctory actions that create the appearance of compliance, rather than implementing genuine, effective measures leave companies exposed. For businesses seeking genuine security and sustainable […]