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Solve Identity Debt

Say goodbye to the challenges of managing identity debt. Gathid offers a practical, cost-efficient, and achievable solution to tackle this challenge, once and for all.

Solve identity debt across any system

The Non-SSO Review Challenge

Non-SSO reviews can be a real headache for organizations.


Managing multiple login credentials and access permissions for various review platforms is not only time-consuming but also poses significant security risks. Employee turnover, forgotten passwords, and unauthorized access become nightmares that can lead to data breaches and compliance issues.


Powered by Gathid’s patented relationship technology, our solution offers real-time visibility into access rights, effectively mitigating security risks across all your systems in a single view. With Gathid, you gain a holistic understanding of user access and permissions, allowing you to take control of your review process like never before.


Identity Debt: Solved

Enter a new era of streamlined efficiency and robust security with Gathid, empowered by our patented relationship technology.



Our solution generates detailed audit trails for all review activities, providing you with a clear, real-time record of who accessed what, when, and why. This transparency is crucial for maintaining compliance with industry regulations and enhancing security across your organization. Join the ranks of satisfied Gathid customers who have experienced greater efficiency, peace of mind, and control in their review processes. Your solution to non-SSO reviews is here —choose Gathid and experience the difference today!

Why you should do non-SSO reviews:

Step 1

Visual Access Insights

Gathid offers a visual representation of who has access to what within your organization. While we don’t directly handle access management, we provide you with a clear and intuitive interface that visually depicts user permissions across various systems and applications. This visual insight allows administrators to easily understand and monitor access rights, ensuring efficient oversight.

Step 2

Enhanced Role-Based Access Control

With Gathid’s support, you can implement and manage robust role-based access control for non-SSO reviews. We enable you to define roles and permissions for users across your systems. While you maintain control over access management, our platform helps you visualize and enforce these roles effectively, ensuring that users only have the necessary permissions for their roles.

User Access Rights Review

Step 3

Audit Trails and Reporting

Gathid includes auditing and reporting features for non-SSO reviews. It generates detailed audit trails of user access rights, allowing organizations to maintain compliance with regulations and track who accessed what, when, and why. These audit trails provide transparency and accountability, which is crucial in environments where non-SSO access methods are utilized.

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Our mission is to build the world’s best modeling tool for identity and access solutions. Regardless of where you are on your identity and access journey, Gathid is here to help you to solve complex identity issues in a simple way

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Gathid simplifies complex identity and access challenges with a lightweight, user-friendly solution.

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Our solution offers a new approach to simplifying complex identity and access challenges.

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Gathid is designed to scale with your business, accommodating for growth and changes.

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We collaborate with innovative companies across various industries, ranging from 100 to 100,000 employees, who highly value technology and prioritize strong security measures.

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