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Unparalleled Access

Visualize and manage identity data like never before with Gathid’s daily, dynamic model for unparalleled governance, instant, actionable insights, with the ability to take immediate action. 

Gathered Identities

The Gathid Identity Graph

The Gathid Identity Graph offers unparalleled visibility and insight into the intricate web of identity data within your organization. It illuminates every node—be it an account, permission level, or physical security credential—and empowers you to zoom in on specific entities. It seamlessly models identity data from any source whether on-premise or in the cloud, including those that are air-gapped, via a non-intrusive, one-way integration. 

Gathid’s unique ability to relate and report on these connections revolutionizes how you perceive and manage user access, mine and manage business roles, segregation of duties and more. We make what was once a painful, manual, error-prone process simple – saving you time and money.

gathered identities

AI Enabled Daily Pulse

Gathid’s dynamic identity model is a “digital twin” of your identities and their related access, freeing you from the constraints of system syncs and incomplete delta reports. If your automation misses a beat, Gathid highlights what’s amiss, directing your focus to critical compliance clean-up areas. This ongoing daily refresh cycle is crucial in maintaining an ever-accurate, ever-compliant access ecosystem.

gathered identites

Rapid Deployment, Swift Results

Gathid offers a streamlined, easy-to-deploy solution tailored to fit any technical estate. The prolonged timelines of traditional identity projects are a thing of the past.

What would take 9-to-12-months to achieve via a traditional approach, is a next-day delivery. Gathid enables tangible results and swift ROI for secure, compliant identity management—without the wait.



The Power of
Gathered Identities

Inspired by the power of gathered identities, Gathid pinpoints identity and access anomalies, symbolized by our iconic blue dot. This isn’t just pattern recognition; it’s 20 years of expertise in distinguishing critical insights from the noise to ensure the integrity and security of your identity information across your systems.

Expertise & Experience

Gathid stands out with over two decades of industry leadership, offering unrivaled insights and proven solutions across complex identity landscapes.

Proactive Approach

Gathid helps anticipate and mitigate identity threats before they arise, ensuring your digital ecosystem remains resilient against emerging challenges.

Scalable Solution

Our scalable solution adapts to your growing needs, ensuring seamless integration and performance regardless of your organization’s size.

End-to-End Support

From initial consultation to ongoing utilization, Gathid provides comprehensive support, ensuring your identity governance framework thrives.

We partner with forward-thinking companies in sectors like mining, manufacturing and banking—spanning 1,000 to 100,000 employees —who put a premium on cutting-edge technology and ironclad security.

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The Power of
Gathered Identities

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