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Detect, Decode, Defend: Toxic Role Combinations Demystified

Continuously identify and rectify instances where identities have risky access privileges across diverse technologies—be it legacy, on-premise, disconnected, connected, or cloud—safeguarding your business data and access policies.

The Gathid digital twin modeling

Uncompromised Identity Security

Unlock the power of automated vigilance with Gathid’s digital twin modeling: your lens into the intricate web of Toxic Role Combination risks. Gathid ensures that you’re not reacting; you’re proactively dismantling threats. 

Our crystal-clear visualizations translate complex role risks into actionable intelligence. The Gathid Identity Graph analyzes your data, detecting and decoding even the most elusive Toxic Role Combinations in your system—on a daily basis. With Gathid, your identity security remains uncompromised, no matter how intricate your business system combinations.

Simplify Toxic Role Combinations

These risky configurations pose significant threats, from unauthorized access to fraud, creating fertile ground for internal vulnerabilities. Without vigilant oversight, the repercussions for organizations can be significant, including financial loss, reputational harm, and regulatory penalties.

The Gathid Identity Graph offers daily insights to pre-emptively neutralize Toxic Role Combinations. This powerful tool not only detects but also helps rectify risky access privileges across all technological environments—ensuring your data and access policies remain secure.

Why Combat Toxic Role Combinations

Step 1

Rapid Detection

Gathid’s dynamic identity model is reconstructed daily from the ground up, liberating you from the constraints of system syncs and incomplete delta reports. If your automation misses a beat, Gathid highlights what’s amiss, directing your focus to critical Toxic Role Combination clean-up areas. This ongoing daily refresh cycle helps maintain an ever-accurate, ever-compliant access ecosystem.

Step 2

Customizable Policies

Tailor the Gathid Identity Graph to meet the unique security demands of your organization, creating a formidable defense against critical Toxic Role Combinations. This tailored approach ensures not just robust protection but a perfect fit for your specific security challenges.

Step 3

Compliant and Audit-Ready

Gathid facilitates real-time user access tracking and support, producing evidence that is compliant with standards like ISO 27001, SOC, SOX, HITRUST, PCIDSS, HIPAA and more.

Navigate user access management with confidence, securing your operations against any standard or regulatory demand.


The Power of
Gathered Identities

Inspired by the power of gathered identities, Gathid pinpoints identity and access anomalies, symbolized by our iconic blue dot. This isn’t just pattern recognition; it’s 20 years of expertise in distinguishing critical insights from the noise to ensure the integrity and security of your identity information across your systems.

Expertise & Experience

Gathid stands out with over two decades of industry leadership, offering unrivaled insights and proven solutions across complex identity landscapes.

Proactive Approach

Gathid helps anticipate and mitigate identity threats before they arise, ensuring your digital ecosystem remains resilient against emerging challenges.

Scalable Solution

Our scalable solution adapts to your growing needs, ensuring seamless integration and performance regardless of your organization’s size.

End-to-End Support

From initial consultation to ongoing utilization, Gathid provides comprehensive support, ensuring your identity governance framework thrives.

We partner with forward-thinking companies in sectors like mining, manufacturing and banking—spanning 1,000 to 100,000 employees —who put a premium on cutting-edge technology and ironclad security.

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Gathid streamlines the decision-making process surrounding identities and their access in your business, providing a solution that helps our clients to verify that only the right people have access. 

We redefine identity security and governance with a unique approach. Our patented graph technology seamlessly connects identity and access system data from all corners of your enterprise – HR, IT, Security, Finance, Business, you name it.

No matter where you are in your identity and access journey, Gathid is here as a game-changing digital identity and access modeling software solution.

Companies typically have more than one ‘source of truth’ when it comes to knowing who is in their workforce. Employees, contractors and students are managed in one or many HR, IT and Accounts Payable systems and across multiple and separate corporate business units.

Gathid collects access data from groups, applications, legacy systems or files shares. Even your physical and operational technology access data can be monitored.

» Active accounts for terminated staff
» Accounts that have non-expiring passwords
» Account ownership
» Access to file shares
» Role change monitoring

Identity and Access Management (IAM) deployments are often delayed and miss initial expectations, due to the complexity in required systems integrations and the rigid requirements of RBAC role definitions.

Gathid offers unique value in the ability to leverage existing files and API connectors to receive read-only identity (HR/IT/Role) and access (Accounts and privileges) data. It rebuilds an identity model every day, allowing you to visualize and track changes automatically. 

Gathid is here to simplify and complement the most complex portions of any IAM implementation.

User access reviews play a pivotal role in maintaining data security and ensuring compliance. They act as a protective shield, permitting only authorized individuals to access critical data and systems while reducing the risk of data breaches.

With Gathid, our innovative platform automates user access reviews, making the process efficient and accurate. Our system automates your user access reviews and provides precise user access data that you can trust, all from a single source.

The Power of
Gathered Identities

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