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Gather and visualize identity data effortlessly with Gathid’s daily, dynamic model for exacting governance and instant, actionable insights to quickly improve your identity and access posture.

We partner with forward-thinking companies across all sectors; from financial services, government, and public services, through to technology, industrial and natural resources —spanning 1,000 to 100,000 employees—who put a premium on innovation and security.

What is Gathid?

Gathid takes a new approach to identity security by utilizing a graph database and modern model processing technology. It dynamically interfaces with existing data sources, prioritizing cost-effectiveness by removing reliance on complex bi-directional system integrations. By automatically creating a digital twin of an organization’s identity landscape every 24 hours, Gathid’s capability is pivotal for modern enterprises that require adaptability to swift organizational changes, such as role modifications, without compromising security or compliance.

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The Gathid Identity Graph

The Gathid Identity Graph offers unparalleled visibility and insight into the intricate web of identity data within your organization. It illuminates every node—be it an account, permission level, or physical security or operational technology credential—and empowers you to zoom in on specific entities. Gathid’s patented directed graph seamlessly models data from any source whether on-premise or in the cloud, including those that are air-gapped, via a non-intrusive, one-way integration. We automate what was once a painful, manual, error-prone process, saving you significant time and money.

From Access to Insight Enhanced Identity Governance

Gathid helps organizations streamline and enhance identity governance

  • User Access Reviews: Move beyond disjointed spreadsheets and time-consuming, expensive manual processes to Gathid for accurate, efficient user access reviews.
  • Role Mining: Utilize the Gathid’s digital twin to eliminate manual errors and maintain assured integrity in access privileges to ensure every user has precisely the access they need when they need it—whether onboarding, transitioning roles, or offboarding.
  • Segregation of Duties: Gathid’s sophisticated rule enforcement can ensure that no single user has the power to execute high-risk operations alone, bolstering your defense against threats and human errors.
  • Toxic Role Combinations: Continuously identify and rectify instances where identities have risky access privileges across diverse technologies, safeguarding your business data and access policies.
  • Access Creep: Spot and address excessive access based on role, location, and other potential outliers—a task that is difficult, daunting and time consuming for manual reviewers, but handled deftly by Gathid.
  • Role Matrix Validation: Gathid enables rapid validation of your roles matrix against actual user access rights, unearthing access anomalies with unparalleled speed, enabling you to undertake immediate corrective action.

Why Gathid?

Effortless Implementation
Get started with Gathid for a light-touch, low-risk experience. Simply connect two or more applications—from Active Directory and Azure, through to on-premise or home grown application—via a CSV file or an API. Gathid’s non-intrusive, system data connectors to gather identity data without reaching into customer networks, building your model to identify and report issues efficiently.

Shed Light on Legacy
With Gathid, no system needs to remain in the shadows. Our advanced identity governance solution seamlessly integrates with both contemporary and legacy systems, whether they’re on-premise or in the cloud, including those that are air-gapped, OT, BMS, PACs, or non-SSO. Regardless of the age or type of your applications and assets, Gathid ensures all of your identity security risks are illuminated. We automate what was once a painful, manual, error-prone process, saving you time and money.

Unlimited Integration, Holistic Perspective
Gathid’s model thrives on the principle of unlimited relationships, ensuring that every individual is accounted for—even your contractors. Unlike traditional identity approaches that limit the scope to a single source, we provide a holistic view by welcoming data from an array of origins—every person, every role, no exceptions. Gathid models data from any source that can be rendered into an Excel or CSV format, giving you absolute confidence in an all-encompassing, accurate representation of your entire workforce and systems.

Rapid Deployment, Swift Results
Gathid offers a streamlined, easy-to-deploy solution tailored to fit any technical estate. The prolonged timelines of traditional identity projects are a thing of the past. With the Gathid Graph, what would take 9-to-12-months to achieve via traditional approaches, is a next-day-delivery. Gathid enables tangible results and swift ROI for secure, compliant identity governance without the wait.

Immediate Visibility for Prioritized Clean-up
Gathid’s timely, next-day visibility enables you to prioritize your data clean up. Quickly identify and rectify accounts linked to terminated personnel and unknown individuals, ghost, or orphan accounts (particularly admin and non-human accounts), and accounts that have not been accessed in 90 days across any system. This immediate visibility enables you to action non-compliant accounts quickly and easily.

The Power of
Gathered Identities

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