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Welcome to the Gathid Partner Program, where collaboration fuels success, innovation thrives, and opportunities abound.


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Partner Program

At Gathid, we believe that partnerships drive success. Our Partner Program is designed to foster collaboration and growth, bringing together like-minded organizations to deliver cutting-edge identity governance and administration solutions to clients worldwide.

Why Partner with Gathid?

Partnering with Gathid means gaining access to cutting-edge identity governance and administration solutions, backed by a team of seasoned experts, and the opportunity to expand your business’s horizons with innovative, client-centric offerings.

Innovative Solutions

Gathid is at the forefront of identity governance technology. Partnering with us means offering your clients state-of-the-art solutions that address the most complex identity and access challenges.


With a team of seasoned IGA experts, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Your clients will benefit from our deep understanding of identity and access management.

Flexible Engagement

We understand that every partnership is unique. That’s why we offer flexible engagement models, allowing you to choose the level of collaboration that suits your business goals.

Dedicated Support

Our partners receive dedicated support from our team, ensuring that you have the resources and assistance you need to succeed.

Unlock Revenue Potential

Partnering with Gathid offers a prime chance to generate substantial annual recurring revenue through our sought-after identity governance solutions and continuous


Partnering with Gathid means delivering clients immediate insight into who has access to what and discover inappropriate access
as of day 1.


Who Can Be a Partner?

Opportunities await: organizations of various backgrounds, including technology providers, consulting firms, and system integrators, can find valuable partnership opportunities with Gathid.

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Struggling to manage a tangled web of user access? Facing security vulnerabilities and inefficiencies due to outdated identity management systems?

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Gathid streamlines the decision-making process surrounding identities and their access in you business, providing a solution that helps our clients to verify that only the right people have access. 

We redefine identity security and governance with a unique approach. Our cutting-edge patented graph technology, seamlessly connects identity and access system data from all corners of your enterprise – HR, IT, Security, Finance, Business, you name it.

No matter where you are in your identity and access journey, Gathid is here as a game-changing digital identity and access modeling software solution.

Companies typically have more than one ‘source of truth’ when it comes to knowing who is in their workforce. Employees, contractors and students are managed in one or many HR, IT and Accounts Payable systems and across multiple and seperate corporate business units.

Gathid collects access data from groups, applications, legacy systems or files shares. Even your physical and operational technology access data can be monitored.

» Active accounts for terminated staff
» Accounts that have non-expiring passwords
» Account ownership
» Access to file shares
» Role change monitoring

Identity and Access Management (IAM) deployments are often significantly delayed and or fail, due to the complexity in required systems integrations and the rigid requirements of RBAC role definitions.

Gathid offers unique value in the ability to leverage existing files and api connectors to receive read-only identity (HR/IT/Role) and access (Accounts and privileges) data. It rebuilds your IAM architecture every day, allowing you to visualize and track changes automatically. 

Gathid is here to simplify and compliment the most complex portions of an IAM implementation. 

User access reviews play a pivotal role in maintaining data security and ensuring compliance. They act as a protective shield, permitting only authorized individuals to access critical data and systems while reducing the risk of data breaches.

With Gathid, our innovative platform automates user access reviews, making the process efficient and accurate. Our system automates your user access reviews and provides precise user access data that you can trust, all from a single source.

The Power of
Gathered Identities

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