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Welcome to Gathid – Your Identity and Access Revolution

Formerly known as RightCrowd Access Analytics, we’ve embarked on an exciting transformation to become Gathid Software. Gathid is a fusion of “Gathered Identities,” pronounced just as you would say “gathered”, spelled as an Aussie would say it.

The reason behind this change is simple. After nearly 20 years of solving complex physical identity and access management (PIAM) projects for the largest companies in the world, we’ve sold our physical security-related business to a US private equity company to allow us to go “all in” on what we believe is the future, helping organizations around the world tackle today’s increasingly complex identity security challenges.

Drawing upon our wealth of knowledge accumulated over decades in the realms of complex legacy and hybrid physical and cyber security, we’ve set our sights on the ever-evolving domain of people-centric identity. Rest assured, the same award-winning ISO 27001 certified product you’ve known as RightCrowd Access Analytics remains at the core of Gathid. We’re simply branching out from our physical security roots to delve headfirst into the realm of pure identity.

While deploying our physical security products within the global tech companies, major banks and mining companies, critical infrastructure and many other large enterprises, we saw firsthand how much “Identity Debt” most organizations carry. Regardless of whether you looked narrowly at physical security or across the organization’s entire IT and OT landscape, most organizations struggle to easily identify every day, “who has access to each system” and more importantly, whether “each person should have that specific system access”.

Identity is now arguably the largest attack surface for an enterprise to secure and traditional identity management approaches are struggling. It is becoming increasingly difficult to effectively map identity and access data from the large and disparate, and often disconnected, mix of on-premise and cloud systems that organizations use today. So for the last few years, we have been developing a broader SaaS-based, identity governance product behind the scenes to solve these complex challenges in an easy, lightweight way, that would be accessible to companies of all sizes, in a fast to deploy and cost effective way. The desired end result is that a CISO and CIO can now be sure they have full and continuous visibility into identity security across their entire organization.

Our Secret Sauce?

No matter where you are on your identity and access journey, Gathid stands ready as a continuous identity and access modelling software solution. Brace yourself for swift and substantial benefits. With Gathid, you’ll gain the power to instantly discern who has access to what, today and every day!

We sense your enthusiasm to say goodbye to manual access audits and embrace immediate, cost-effective, and actionable insights into identity and access. Stay in the loop by subscribing to our launch updates, or if you’re the “I get it and I want to know more now” type of person, schedule a demo today.

Join us on this exciting journey to transform identity and access management. With Gathid, the future is secure, efficient, and in your control.

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