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Compare approved access roles vs actual account access


In the world of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), the challenge of figuring out “who should have access to what” based on their job titles can be a bit like untangling a complex web. Whether you’re just starting your GRC journey or are deep into the intricacies of Identity and Access Management, you know that managing this aspect is no walk in the park. GRC processes and policies are the unsung heroes that keep our organizations running smoothly.

GRC’s primary mission is to make sure that when someone starts a new role or switches within the organization, they have the right level of access to do their job effectively. Equally important is the process of offboarding employees when they leave, ensuring they no longer have access to sensitive systems and data.

The Dynamic Landscape of Access Management


In today’s ever-changing business landscape, shifts happen all the time. HR and Procurement departments love to mix things up with new position titles, while the IT folks support a growing list of systems. Plus, the levels of access and assets needed for daily operations can shift like quicksand. This means that the role mappings you painstakingly create might become outdated almost as soon as you finish them, long before automation can even kick in.

Identify & Review Unauthorized Access


That’s where Gathid steps in. It’s not your typical solution. Gathid boasts a patented graph-based technology that works its magic by reading and mapping your data daily, aligning it with your policies and processes. From day one, you can easily compare something as basic as a spreadsheet to see which position titles belong to which people and what level of access they actually have. It pulls this info right from your source systems and asset data.

With Gathid, you can proactively fine-tune your GRC processes with pinpoint accuracy, thanks to the context it provides daily.

Here’s the icing on the cake: Gathid doesn’t just map your data daily, it automatically spots any inconsistencies and sends them your way. Imagine having a daily report that shows you the roles or accounts that don’t match your master records. It’s like having a trusty compass guiding you through the maze.

So, in a nutshell, Gathid is your secret weapon for regaining control over the wild world of access management. It lets you compare the roles that are officially approved with what’s actually happening, and it does it every single day. Now that’s the kind of peace of mind we all need in the fast-paced world of GRC.

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