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Lion Streamlines, Secures, And Simplifies Using Gathid


Leading Australasian beverages company, Lion, recognized the need to uplift its cybersecurity posture to better protect its manufacturing processes and business systems.

According to Jamie Rossato who commenced work as Lion’s inaugural Chief Information Security Officer in 2021 – “There was a lot of work needed to make Lion more cyber resilient” said Jamie “including identity and access management governance.”

“I realized very quickly that we had a very imperfect view of who had access to what, where.”

“I wanted to rectify this in a way that didn’t involve the negotiations, endless change requests and the occasional stand-off to gain persistent visibility of accounts and privileges within internal systems. I also wanted to avoid standing up complicated, expensive infrastructure needing to be maintained in-house.”


Speed to Value: Expedited Informed Decision Making
With its lightweight, rapid deployment, Gathid gave Jamie and his team swift visibility into access permissions across Lion’s systems.

“Speed to visibility was crucial for me because it allowed me to make subsequent decisions without losing months,” said Jamie. “If it took me two months to put a system in and see the data, that’s two months I’ve wasted. Gathid was the tool to give me the best insights in the fastest time possible,”.

The Gathid Graph bypasses the intricate bi-directional integrations that bog down conventional Identity Governance Systems, giving you precise and comprehensive visibility into identity and access management in a fraction of the usual time. Gathid delivers what is traditionally a 9-to-12-month project outcome in a matter of days.

“A key benefit is that you can integrate as much or as little as you want into Gathid. This is very different from other Identity Governance platforms, where deployment requires engineering it into each system for each connection. Because you can take a snapshot and import it into Gathid, without touching the source system, as soon as your team provides the extract, you’re off and running. Gathid gives you a multi system view of your organizations identities and privileges in days, not weeks or months”.


Audit Ready Every Day
Lion is now consistently audit-ready with Gathid’s daily checks that ensure access rights remain updated and compliant.

“Gathid enabled us to resolve historically problematic Identity Access & Governance audit issues quickly, and demonstrate to auditors that not only are the issues resolved, but will stay fixed” said Jamie. “Our ability to demonstrate good governance and management of our identity sets through Gathid makes it an invaluable part of our control set”

The Gathid Graph models virtual data relationships, offering unparalleled visibility and insight into identity, access and essential context. It enables you to navigate interconnected identity data with ease. Gathid’s ability to create daily identity and access models delivers a new, simpler way of solving identity debt.

User Access Revalidations
“Gathid allows us to conduct user access revalidations and privileged user attestations in a simpler, coordinated fashion. Prior to Gathid, it was via spreadsheets and continually chasing people. It’s now done online and much easier to both assign and follow up actions.”

Segregation of Duties
“Gathid is providing additional oversight to systems and privileges and delivering a more holistic view of access. This improves how we manage segregation of duties and avoidance of toxic access combinations.” says Jamie “We’re using Gathid to shadow match account privileges within our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system’s controls for that second layer of oversight”

ERP access codes can be confusing to a business manager performing user revalidation. Linking these codes to a more human readable translation allows for quick and easy visualization within the Gathid Graph, making review processes simple and straightforward for team members who don’t necessarily have prior knowledge of the codes and their meanings.

Exceptional Support
“The support from Gathid has been outstanding. If there are questions or problems, the Gathid team is there to provide technical insights and explain back-end issues. Because Gathid runs in the cloud, I haven’t deployed infrastructure and I don’t need to invest time in engineering support and maintenance. My team can focus on the security of Lion’s identities —rather than the platform itself.”

Streamline, Secure, Simply: Gathid’s Triple Impact

The collaboration between Lion Co and Gathid exemplifies the transformative potential of innovative IAM solutions in helping address cyber security challenges.

“Gathid delivers a benefit from a security point of view, a benefit from a HR point of view, and a benefit from a financial control point of view. We improved efficiencies in user access revalidation, and we get a much better, informed view for role based access control development. We’ve now got a much more efficient revalidation, onboarding and offboarding process. Gathid is fast to deploy, simple to use, and the speed to value is there,” said Jamie.

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