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What is the Gathid Identity Graph?

More than a technological solution, the Gathid Identity Graph is a strategic asset that empowers organizations. From developing a baseline of clean, organized data to implementing tailored role matrices and monitoring access for compliance, Gathid provides the tools and insights necessary for a robust, dynamic identity governance culture—enabling you to see your identities like never before.

How Graph Technology Works

Gathid leverages graph database architecture to build a daily ‘digital twin’ of the identities, roles, and access rights spread across multiple systems throughout your organization. In the Gathid platform, each entity is represented as a node, with edges to depict the relationships between them – presenting a holistic view of the identity and access landscape.

The Gathid Identity Graph adapts to organizational changes on a daily basis—facilitating rapid and accurate updates, and enhancing your ability to detect and address access anomalies and compliance issues with agility. Graph technology can be leveraged in identity governance and administration (IGA) tasks like role management, policy enforcement, and compliance auditing, ensuring your organization operates securely and efficiently.

Delivering daily actionable insights to rapidly improve your identity and access posture, the Gathid Identity Graph takes the complexity out of managing large volumes of identity data, and automates what was once a painful, manual, error-prone process. With the ability to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, Gathid is a cost-effective and flexible solution suited to a wide range of industries and organization sizes.

The Power of Graph Technology

The Gathid Identity Graph enables you to see your identities like never before.

Visualize the Intricacies of User Access

Gathid transforms user access observability by creating a daily ‘digital twin’ of your identities and their access permissions. . Once data is integrated into the Gathid Identity Graph, you can shift between review perspectives—by system owner, job role, manager, department, or recent activity—far from a linear, static approach.

Our data network, or ‘identity fabric’, is the connective tissue that helps you visualize the intricate web of identity and access data within your organization. It illuminates every node—be it an account, permission level, or physical security credential—and empowers you to zoom in or out at any level. Gathid’s unique ability to relate and report on these connections revolutionizes how you perceive and manage identity and access across your organization.

Deep Dive Access Insights

The Gathid Identity Graph enables companies to navigate the complexities of digital identities with unprecedented precision. By offering a granular view of interconnected identity data, Gathid allows for intuitive modeling of access permissions.

This insight is particularly valuable for businesses undergoing significant changes, such as mergers, acquisitions, migrations and digital transformations, ensuring that identity security is maintained as a seamless part of day-to-day operations.

Instantaneous Insights

The Gathid Identity Graph meets the fluid demands of modern enterprises, adapting to changes in employee roles or access needs swiftly and securely. It models identities, and their relationships to systems access, every 24 hours, ensuring that businesses can respond to the fast-moving pace of today’s environment without missing a beat.

Streamlined and Secure User Access Reviews

The Gathid Identity Graph transforms the cumbersome process of user access reviews into an efficient, digital-first approach. By automatically creating daily identity and access models, Gathid mitigates identity debt and simplifies access compliance with its ‘digital twin’ modeling, delivering accurate and efficient user access reviews without the need for disjointed spreadsheets and manual processes.

Enhanced Decision-Making with Advanced Analytics

Gathid’s Identity Graph facilitates sophisticated analytics by allowing quick traversal of complex relationships between identities, roles, and access rights. This capability enables organizations to gain deep insights into their identity and access ecosystems, supporting better decision-making regarding security policies, compliance strategies, and operational practices.

Segregation of Duties Simplified

Experience the peace of mind that Gathid’s Segregation of Duties solution offers, designed to protect your organization from the inside out. The Gathid Identity Graph not only streamlines the establishment of secure, compliant, and accountable operational frameworks but also bolsters internal controls and compliance with regulatory mandates. This ensures precise financial reporting and minimizes the risk of fraud and errors. It aids in generating evidence compliant with standards like; ISO 27001, SOC, SOX, PCIDSS, HIPAA, and more, ensuring that your processes are efficient, accurate, and ready for audits.

Toxic Role Combinations Illuminated

Our detailed visualizations turn complex role risks into actionable intelligence. The Gathid Identity Graph analyzes your data daily, identifying and interpreting potential  Toxic Role Combinations in your systems. With Gathid, your identity and access security is enhanced, regardless of the complexity of your business system combinations.

Unlimited Connection, Holistic Perspective

Gathid’s model thrives on the principle of unlimited connection, creating relationships between related but previously disconnected systems. We ensure that every individual is accounted for—even your contractors. The Gathid Identity Graph provides a holistic view by welcoming data from an array of origins—every person, every role, no exceptions.

Systems, people and processes change. Gathid continues to model reality, even as the data changes each day, giving you absolute confidence in an all-encompassing, accurate representation of your entire workforce and systems. Unlimited visibility across every role, every person, every day.

Empowering Identity Security and Compliance

The graph-based architecture of the Gathid platform ensures that historical identity and access changes are accurately logged and easy to trace. This transparency is crucial for compliance with stringent regulatory requirements, making audits more straightforward and less time-consuming. Regular access reviews and certifications become more efficient, as the system provides a clear, comprehensive view of access rights across the organization.

Gathid is able to automatically verify and notify your team as roles change, delivering consistent and appropriate access for each team member. Gathid proactively alerts you to vulnerabilities or non-compliance, enabling timely action and maintaining a strong and robust security posture.

Rapid Deployment, Swift Results

In summary, Gathid offers a streamlined, easy-to-deploy solution tailored to fit any technical estate. The Gathid Identity Graph takes a novel approach to unblocking and solving complex identity and access issues efficiently and effectively. You can get up and running in a week, with valuable identity insights delivered in hours. Gathid enables tangible results and swift ROI for secure, compliant actionable identity and access intelligence without the wait.

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